What can hypnotherapy help with?

Anxiety related disorders, well-being, emotional problems including stress, depression or sickness. Most phobias and ‘disorders’ can be helped or resolved with hypnotherapy and/or therapy.

Gastric band weight loss system

Stop Smoking.

Children’s anxiety.

Natural and Reduced Pain Birth

One off Sessions to deal with Phobias and Fears . Analytical Pure Therapy

1. Hypnoband:

Weight Loss with the Hypnoband, as recently demonstrated on UK television, is a system designed to enable weight loss in the clinically obese with high body mass index. It works by suggestion, visualisation to convince the body a virtual gastric band operation has been undertaken therefore enabling them to eat smaller portions believing that the stomach is smaller with less capacity for food. It consists of 4 sessions and includes CDs and supporting notes with personal support direct from therapist.

What is hypnosis?

It is a state of mind that in fact is closer to daydreaming than sleep, you remain alert all the time and in control. Many compare it to the feeling of immersion in an absorbing book or film, when you’re pretty oblivious to your surroundings.

2. Stop Smoking:

Achieved in one extended session includes hypnosis and one to one discussion to stop smoking.

3. Coherence Therapy

No hypnosis involved. A way of changing set issues created by Bruce Eklan. I was fortunate to train directly with Bruce as a therapist.




4.Lifespan Intergration:



Lifespan Integration is a gentle, body-based therapy which heals without retraumatising.

Developed by Peggy Pace it is a trauma rehealing.  This technique can be used with children with a parent present.


5. Blowaway Technique :

As a teacher I enjoyed working with children and the Blowaway technique allows children to release their inner issues in a non invasive and relaxing way. The technique is one to two sessions as needed and can deal with childhood ‘stresses’ such as bedwetting, anger, phobias and low self esteem . Using metaphorical ideas to work over aspects of a child’s life. At least one Parent will need to be present at the sessions.

6. Relaxing childbirth:

Relaxed childbirth is available for women (and their partners) who are in week 34+ of pregnancy and through 4 sessions introduces a process of relaxation and help to overcoming any fears or worries about giving birth. Combined with specialised recordings and supporting notes, you are taught self hypnosis techniques offering a natural, relaxing, reduced-pain, often more quicker method of child birth. These 4 sessions can be for the mother alone or with a partner.

7. Suggestion Therapy:

A one off session to help with phobias or fears, exam stress, getting married, dentist treatment, medical surgery and so on. This cannot ensure that phobia will not return – to tackle issues in the long term you need to consider Analytical Therapy or Changing Limiting Beliefs.

8. Analytical Pure Therapy:

This therapy is specialised to the IAPH, dealing with long term issues through hypnosis. In a hypnotic state you allow issues which have become suppressed to emerge and deal with them, by doing so YOU release those issues which have been affecting you life.

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