Session Fees

I offer a FREE 25 minute screening session in order to explain all aspects and options offered and a chance for you to ask any further questions. There will be no hypnosis/ therapy during this session.

45 Minute relaxing session.

A 45 minute relaxing session for those who just want some time away from the stresses of life – £20.00

Suggestion therapy

Clinical Hypnotherapy (Suggestion Therapy): A single session for nailbiting, fear of flying, driving test nerves, exam nerves, weight, control etc

Fee: £40 per session (about 50 mins)

Stop smoking

Smoking Cessation Session: Stop smoking easily after just one session.

Fee: £175 (session lasts about 1 and a half hours)

Analytical and Blowaway

Analytical Hypnotherapy (Pure Hypnoanalysis-about 8 sessions needed) £40.00 a session. Blowaway Technique for Children – 1 session. – £25 per session


4 sessions including CDs and supporting notes. £300.00. Two persons booking at the same time, I offer a reduction of 15% on each fee. Ideal for pre wedding, holiday and special events including Christmas weight loss!

Relaxing Child Birth

4 Sessions including CDs and supporting notes £300.00

Coherence and Lifespan Intergration

Therapy session lasting 50 mins to 90 minutes. £35 pounds per hour.


Reflexology and Massage

Per hour session £30.

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