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Welcome to Relaxed Mind.

Relaxed Mind is a hypnotherapy and psychotherapy practice specialising in Pure Hypnosis, Hypno-band Gastric Weight loss as seen on Channel 4’s ‘Embarrassing Bodies’, Stop Smoking, Relaxed Childbirth, Coherence Therapy, Lifespan Intergration and ‘The Blowaway Technique’ for children led by Penelope Snoad a member of the IAEPB.

Over the years I have worked with individuals to lose weight, overcome fears and deal with trauma from childhood to current PTSD. I offer a 25 min free screening meeting where you are able to see if this therapy is the right one for you and that I as the therapist are best to be able to work with you. If past trauma or worries are affecting you then give me a call to discuss what options there are for you

All the Best



I am based close to the beach in Greatstone, Kent. TN

What is hypnosis?

It is a state of mind that is closer to daydreaming than sleep, you remain alert all the time and in control. Many compare it to the feeling of immersion in an absorbing book or film, when you’re pretty oblivious to your surroundings.

The entire process can take from a few minutes up to an hour, depending on your personality and mental state. The method used is progressive relaxation and imagery. With a slow, soothing voice, the hypnotherapist gradually relaxes and focuses until they reach a relaxed state of mind.

In order to be hypnotised, you must :

– Be open minded

– Be Willing

– Believe changes can happen

– Become relaxed

– Be ready for personal change and beliefs.

If you are ready to change your life then contact me for further information.

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